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All amateur radio operators

        General class or higher, are eligible for membership in the Golden Bear Net.  Gaining Membership requires a pattern of regular check-ins of at least three times a week for four consecutive weeks.  Once these have been achieved the prospective member will be invited to join the Net by his/her Area Director and the prospective member will be given a choice of application form.  When the Area Director receives the application, he will sign it and forward it to the Chief Net Control who will add the new member to the roll call in the next scheduled QST.  Sometimes this process can take several weeks depending on the mail service and the availability of the people involved.  Once an application is accepted, the member is required to check-in twelve times monthly to maintain active membership. 

Visitors are always welcome, and stations unable to maintain active membership are encouraged to check in as often as their personal schedules will permit. Every station expands the Net potential of rapid and efficient handling of formal written traffic.

        All stations within the area of coverage are invited to join us whenever it is possible.  The hand of friendship and fraternity is extended to every amateur world-wide who has the desire to maintain an active interest in the Golden Bear Net.  

Golden Bear
Amateur Radio Net